Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sheet Music Resources - UPDATED 9/29/10

Updated this post on 9/29/10 with more resources.

I've taken it upon myself to get musicians in Atlanta to see my point of view - that Middle Eastern music is amazing and should be played often! In doing this, I've also taken it upon myself to collect a large amount of classical Arabic sheet music. Here is a list of sheet music resources that I've found to be very helpful: - UPDATED 9/29/10 Great resource for Balkan, Turkish, and SCA-type music
- UPDATED 9/29/10 Avatar's Early Music Books. His arrangements are well thought out, giving a little more ornamentation that your normal melody lines that are written out. I've only focused on the handful of Eastern music in his collection, but can't wait to dive into more.
- Jas's great percussion site, complete with midi sound clips - Jas's resource for some sheet music, in ABC notation and sheet music - Archive of Middle Eastern sheet music, amazing resource. - Great source book with lots of tunes + lyrics in Arabic.
- AMAZING site I stumbled across with stuff from all over the world - Has a great selection of free music, but you have to download scorch to see the music. - Carmine and Melissa's transcribing project, some free pieces and a lot for sale for about .99 cents each - Melissa's continuing project for sheet music
- For purchase sheet music, mostly Egyptian and Lebanese - Random blog with some cool stuff for free
- Mimi Spencer's and Mary Ellen Donald books - great song books, clear and organized, some with song lyrics.


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