Sunday, December 21, 2008

Updates and coming home

The last couple of days in Cairo have been full of amazing adventures...and then the internet cut out of the entire Middle East. Really. A ship off the coast of Alexandria weighed anchor and cut the main DSL line giving Egypt, the Sudan, and some other countries internet. The entire country of Egypt was without internet for 48 hours.

I have lots of pictures and stories to post, but in my last few days here in Cairo, I am trying to save my moments. I should have the following posted before the New Year when I am back in the States with a fast internet connection:

- Pictures from Sharm El Sheikh
- Pictures from Luxor, Aswan, and everthing in between
- Pictures and video! from the traditional Zaar I saw in Cairo
- Write up of the Sufi Dance troupe of Egypt (no video at the performance hall)
- Write up of my experiences from my sufi dance lesson with Said Tanoura

Youtube videos of the following:
- Sufi dance show with both Sufi and Istaradi styles at al Azhar park in Islamic Cairo
- Folkloric troupe I saw in Giza - Saiidi/ beledi style
- AUC folkloric troupe - Saidi + tahtib + fellahi styles at AUC campus
- Zaar performance from Makaan cultural center off Saad Zaghlul in Cairo
- 3 separate performances of Randa Kamel on the Nile Maxim, pretty good lighting!
- Video my myself being taught sufi dance, you wouldn't beleive how heavy those skirts are!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Musical Salons/ Jam Sessions in the ATL

Salam aleikum min el Qahira!

This past semester I’ve learned so much about Arabic music. I really don’t want to loose what I’ve learned, so I’d like to see if anyone in the Atlanta area is interested in coming to weekly music rehearsals/ jam sessions/ learning sessions about Arabic music. I would like to be able to share what I’ve learned so I can practice and not forget it! Any instrument would be welcome, just keep in mind that quartertones are harder to play on some instruments than others.

I have some sheet music from this semester in Cairo, but I’m open to learning things by ear as well, which is how it really is done. The sheet music is all in C as I play the violin, so any of you b flat player be prepared to transpose the music if you want to play it.

We could hold it at different locations in the Atlanta area or agree to have it at a central place. I don’t profess in any shape, form, or fashion to be an expert in Middle Eastern music, just a student who wants to grow her skills with en ensemble! I would like this to be very low key and fun and hopefully a way to grow a handful of students and musicians that appreciate and want to perform Middle Eastern music, especially so that when the big names come in town, we can really benefit from their instruction.

So, who is interested?